Smoking a right, breathing a luxury?

It’s probably not what you expected, since my PTSD and my other disabilities would make it difficult for me to sit outside (comfortable chairs anyone?). But really, the main reason why I can never enjoy an ice-cream or a diet coke on a terrace, especially when the weather is nice, is because people just really have to smoke.

Sometimes it feels as if their freedom, their right to smoke, is more important than my health or my freedom to leave my house, or sit on the balcony or in the garden (neighbours smoke). Or get inside a hospital without choking. Apparently breathing is far less important, it’s just my health you know?
I know not every smoker thinks like this, but sadly most people do think and act as if I’m one big fat liar, since smoking can’t possible be this harmful. Even non-smokers usually think I’m exaggerating when I have to get inside because someone is smoking. Or when I ask them to not put my wheelchair there, because someone is smoking. Or when I walk into a room and wonder if a person who recently smoked just walked by this room.

[Picture of a no smoking sign (cigarette with a red circle around it and a red stripe through it) and next to it the text: Please  no smoking.]

I wish I wasn’t this asthmatic. I wish my lungs weren’t as bad and I wish doctors would help me with it. I have an inhaler but it doesn’t work for these unplanned moments when I completely can’t breath. I can only use it before I’m going to do sports. I’d love to go outside, but I can’t. Smokers are everywhere. It’s even more saddening that smokers have been reducing the health of my lungs too. For example: I had to live for a few months with someone (a narcissist) who would smoke everywhere in the house and I’ve never recovered from that. He knew what he was doing to me, but he didn’t care. In stead he had other people bully me for it and force me to stand next to him in the smoke. He would ‘suddenly’ smoke a lot more when I was around….

I’m sorry for my rage, but I feel like too many people just don’t know how harmful smoking can be for other people. That it can really be a severe problem and not just someone thinking it has a ‘bad smell’. I obviously don’t always feel as negative about this problem as I do now. But it is a severe problem that I have to deal with everyday and it really takes the fun out of going anywhere.

Do you have asthmatic problems? How do you deal with smoke? Do you have any tips? I usually put my hands in front of my mouth, then it takes a bit longer for me to faint.

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Reblog: Ben McCormack – Arrested For Child Pornography Crimes, And No-one Cares About The Children Being Abused

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Ben McCormack – a reporter on A Current Affair – here is Australia, has been charged with child pornography crimes, including distributing child pornography and conversations involving child sexual abuse.

See this link for details

Social media is rife with this news. People are talking about what scumbag he is. People are laughing at the hypocrisy of him being someone who chases people down the road about lesser crimes reported by A Current Affair (ACA). People are scorning the ACA program, and the main host of the program. People are suggesting maybe people should wait and hear the facts before commenting. Some are even suggesting maybe he was accessing child pornography for a case he is working on for ACA. And meanwhile, the reports being made, are making it very clear that these charges are not in any way linked to ACA or Channel 9, who broadcast the show.

And amongst the hundreds of comments I have scrolled through…

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Share: my blogpost has been picked up by Teenvogue

Hi everyone. I’ve been in a lot of health issues so that’s why I haven’t been really active. I want to update everyone soon, but I probably can really start blogging again after the exams in May.

Anyway, I just noticed that my blogpost that was published by the Mighty, has now been published by Teenvogue. I had no idea they were interested.. Thanks WordPress for your statistics, otherwise I would have never known. Since I want to help others with my tips, therefore wanted to be read, I think this is a good thing. Although it feels weird that nobody let me know about it. You can find the Teenvogue article here

The adventures of Doggy: womanizer vs. courtly love

Our Doggy hasn’t been castrated because that can give some health issues and there is no reason to do it. We pay close attention to him and keep him on the leash. If the other dog owner is watching his/her female dog too (she might come to him and try to jump him) then nothing will happen.

Just like most humans, most dogs are interested in love. Or that other thing that doesn’t necessarily have to be connected with love: sex. Our Doggy is usually ‘interested’ in every female, especially when they’re in season. Let’s just say that a male dog usually jumps on a female dog quite soon. Not a lot of dating in restaurants, going to the cinema and giving expensive jewellry beforehand. Usually Doggy is a womanizer. However, one female dog is different for Doggy. It really is a very sweet sight to see and I’d like to share it with you.


[Photo of a puppy, holding a red rose with his snout and wearing a black bowtie.]

When Doggy is on the leash, he’s usually very calm when meeting other dogs. He stands still so they can meet him or just passes them by. However, when he meets his Kimmy* it’s different. When he spots there he wants to run towards her, wagging his tail even more than usual. His flappy ears in his “happy position”. The same applies for Kimmy. She can’t just be calm and quiet either. She’ll bark and wag her tail and run towards Doggy. Doggy will lie down, so she knows she can stop barking because he isn’t going anywhere, and wag his tail vividly and when she’s close enough jump upright.

It’s different because with her he’s very gentle and despite having seen her a lot and she liking him, he’s never actually ‘jumped’ her. He will only give her sweet and careful licks around her snout. They might lay their heads on each other while standing or lying down or “kiss” each other even more. It’s so sweet and I’ve never seen Doggy likes this before. Yes, he has been impressed by large female dogs and admired them. But not as attentive as this and not without never even trying to do “netflix and chill”. It seems as if he doesn’t even think about that, because he wouldn’t want to accidentaly hurt her feelings.

Kimmy knows where Doggy lives and when she passes the house she will stand still and wait a bit. Her owner knows she has to wait for a little while, or she won’t come with her. If she sees one of us Hippos she will wag her tail and bark, waiting for Doggy to come out. Even though they sadly haven’t seen each other for months now (walking on different times and different routes), she will keep doing this. And when they see each other again, it will be as if they’ve never been out each other’s sight.

[Photo of a dog licking another dog sitting next to him.]

What do you think, can a dog actually fall in love? Have you ever seen something like this between dogs?

*Just like Doggy isn’t Doggy’s real name, Kimmy isn’t his girlfriends real name.

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Reblog: Sexual Revictimization: Are you really more likely to be victimized a second time?

Self-Care After Rape

Key findings from several major studies (from 2000-2011) that explored the correlation between child sexual abuse (CSA) and subsequent victimization in adulthood, which illustrate a significant link between childhood and adulthood sexual revictimization (as well as related health problems).

Lalor, K., & McElvaney, R. (2010): Child sexual abuse, links to later sexual exploitation/highrisk sexual behavior, and prevention/treatment programs.

  • Numerous studies suggest that sexual victimization in adolescence significantly increases the likelihood of sexual victimization in adulthood. Studies suggest that sexual victimization in childhood or adolescence increases the likelihood of sexual victimization in adulthood between 2 and 13.7 times.
  • Several researchers speculate that mediating factors caused by CSA contribute to higher risk of sexual revictimization. Childhood abuse may interfere with normal development of interpersonal relatedness and affect regulation, which in turn decrease abuse victims’ awareness of danger. Negative long-term effects of CSA may be attempts to avoid or cope with negative emotional…

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Reblog: Hippos – Did You Know…

A Momma's View

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… That when hippos are upset, their sweat turns red? I stumbled across this weird fact and dug a bit deeper. Actually it’s more like they secrete an oily red substance that acts as a moisturizer, sunblock and protects them from germs. This also makes them look like they are sweating blood. While looking up the “red blood fact” I found some more interesting facts about this beautiful grey giant:

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A smile a day…

This is one of my favourite music videos. So far it has always been able to cheer me up. It’s important to have something that can make you happy (even if it’s just a little), no matter how you feel. It won’t take your troubles away, but it’s nice to get away from them for a moment. They start singing around 0:30. I can recommend to keep watching till the end 🙂