Petition: End the dog meat festival

Yes, you read that right: dog meat ‘festival’. What does it look like? Well, I’ve never been there but about 10.000 dogs, mostly puppies, get beaten to death.¬†Waiting in cages without food or water, they usually have to drive for days, untill the butcher is ready. If you hate dogs and are a cat person: they also kill kittens/cats.

More and more Chinese oppose to this festival and they even try to save the puppies and buy them. But the butchers won’t sell them to these people, because then they can’t kill the poor doggie… Maybe this fact is even more shocking: most of the cats and dogs that get killed during this ‘festival’ are stolen PETS.

[Photo of sad dog face]

The authorities of Yulin already disapprove of this festival, thanks to a same petition last year. However, it’s still continuing, so we need to urge them to actually do something against it. You can find the petition here. I think everyone is against this, even if you think ‘meat is just meat’. Because so much goes to waste and the circumstances are not right. And apparently to the butchers ‘money isn’t just money’. This massive consumption of dog meat also seems to be really bad for the health of the consumers (rabies, cholera). I can’t imagine eating dog meat, but I think there are plenty of reasons to stop this festival right now.

I think this is absolutely disgusting and I hope you’ll all sign and share this petition. And if you have one: give your doggie an extra big hug ūüėČ

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Petition: rapist caught on camera and confessed: no prosecution because he’s in the army

Today I came across¬†this petition¬†and really felt the need to share this with you all. It’s utterly disgusting and outrageous. By signing we can let our voice be heard. We have to stop this! Here’s the story of survivor Samantha Jackson:

“I was raped by an Army soldier while unconscious. A year later, I was shocked to learn that my rapist had videotaped the assault.

I reported the rape to the authorities. He confessed. The military told the civilian DA they would handle my case, but then declined to prosecute him. In 2014, the Army told me they would reconsider their decision not to prosecute. However, while they were supposedly reviewing my request, they allowed him to separate, so he could no longer be prosecuted.

We’ve recently learned this was not an isolated event. In July 2013, Admiral James Winnefeld testified before Congress to present data and spin the story of military commanders being tougher on crime than prosecutors. This testimony was used to quash major military criminal justice reform. However, a new AP investigation and Protect Our Defenders report have exposed that the Pentagon misled Congress with bogus data to block reforms I know are needed.

There is strong support for reform from veterans’ groups, the majority of the public, and a bipartisan majority in the Senate.

Now I, along with thousands of other survivors, am calling on President Obama to ensure all servicemembers have access to a fair, impartial system of justice.

I urge President Obama to ensure that professional military prosecutors — instead of commanders — decide whether cases are sent to trial.

Please join with us and ask President Obama to stand with survivors now, and fix this broken system before he leaves office.”

Please sign and share. You can choose to do this anonymously (they won’t show your name online) and it hardly takes a minute, but it can have a huge impact in improving the world!

Petition: Shut down the page of the “men’s right activists” who want to legalize rape

Today I came across this petition. I recently learned about these “men’s rights activists” and it makes me sick. The things he says are horrible and I couldn’t read his blog. I had to protect myself from him as a multiple rape victim/survivor. Not reading his ‘diary’ doesn’t mean that I’m turning a blind eye and I keep up-to-date with news articles. I hope everyone will sign this petition, not just women but also men. It is against the policy of Facebook and against human rights.

You can find the petition here.

“You may have heard recently about Roosh Valizadeh ‚ÄĒ the men’s rights activist who argues that rape should be legalised.¬†Roosh recently planned several meetups for likeminded men in communities around the globe. Thankfully, the gatherings have since been cancelled due in large part to the widespread backlash from women’s rights proponents.¬†But the work is far from done and the danger still remains.

Roosh V currently has nearly 20,000 members on his Facebook page, which he uses to spread his message of hate towards women. Using Facebook as his platform, Roosh V encourages thousands of men to objectify, hate, and even abuse women.

Facebook’s community standards are clear ‚ÄĒ “Content that attacks people based on their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease is not allowed.”

Well, last year Roosh V posted this to his blog: “I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds.” This hate speech is a direct attack on women, and should be recognised as such by Facebook.

When the international community came together against the men’s rights gatherings, we proved that the abuse can be stopped. Now we need to make our voices heard once more to remove Roosh’s pro-rape, anti-women Facebook presence before it spreads any further.

Our voices count. Sign the petition to urge Mark Zuckerberg to shut down this hate-filled community.”

Petition: Therapy/service dog seized because she’s a pitbull

Update (March 25): The judge will return the dog to them, if they move to a city without BSL before May 9. The mother says she has trouble finding an affordable place and keeps urging everyone to sign.

Today I came across this petition, which I wanted to share with you. I think it will appeal to both animal lovers as people with compassion for mental issues.

You can read the whole story when you click here,¬†where you can also sign the petition. The story in short: a single mother of 3 moved to Jacksonville (Arkansas). Her daughter has a special dog, which is also certified as a service/therapy dog. They have all the papers necessary, so the dog is allowed to follow them into the doctor’s office, at the airport, into the school etc. However, she didn’t realize that Jacksonville had a BSL (breed-specific legislation). It’s forbidden to have a pitbull there, because they still think that pitbulls in general are dangerous – I though this topic was finally out of date… It’s ridiculous in the first place, which many dog lovers¬†will be able to inform you about this. In short: it’s not about the breed, but the people raising them as fighting dogs.

Now it’s even more ridiculous, because this is a certified service dog. So you can be absolutely sure she isn’t dangerous. The neighbours saw a pitbull, called the police and the dog was taken away. ¬†This happened twice and the last time she hasn’t returned yet. It doesn’t matter that she is sweet, that she’s a therapy dog, she is a pitbull. Those are dangerous, those aren’t allowed…¬†The mother is in a legal battle and she asks for as much signatures as possible, before het next court date (January 11).


[Close-up photo of a pitbull dog lying on a carpet and looking into the camera]

Do you also agree this is ridiculous? Please let your voice be heard. Together we stay strong!

Petition: Norway wolf hunt: 30 wolves, 11000 hunters

Update: this petition is now closed.

Last week¬†I posted about the CIWF, which has multiple petitions and other possibilities to support them. Today I came across a different petition to protect animals. I hope you don’t mind me posting these things, since it isn’t related to disabilities, but it is a part of me. So I hope you won’t think I’m spamming, but supporting charities is something I used to do a lot and still do – but in a different manner.

This time it’s about the Norway wolf hunt (as the title already said). There are only 30 wolves left in Norway, so I don’t understand why the government would allow a hunt at all, because I can’t imagine that this is an overpopulation and that they are causing trouble (personally, I’m against hunting anyway). 16 wolves are allowed to die during the hunt, but this is apparently a very popular sport in Norway: 11,000 hunters applied and received a license for this hunt! Making it almost impossible for the wolves to survive this hunt at all…


[Close-up photo of (the heads of) two wolves next to each other].

I find this total madness. There are only 30 wolves left in all of Norway and then they want to kill half of them. I can’t imagine that’s helpful for the population or that there’s a really good reason for this (the government is afraid that there will be a big population in a couple years, but this is too drastic). It’s ridiculous that they allow so many hunters to join.

You can find the petition here.

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Charity: Compassion In World Farming

Two posts on one day is a bit much, but there was something I’d like to share. I hope more people will support this cause and I’d like to try raise awareness about a charity or petition at least once a week.


[Logo of the CIWF. It has the text: Compassion in world farming on it and a drawing of a jumping lamb]

Today I received a newsletter from the CIWF (Compassion In World Farming) division of the Netherlands. They asked me to sign a petition, which I often do in general if I agree with it. I think signing petitions (or sending a certain letter with your name under it) is a good way to help a charity, for example if you can’t do volunteer work or give money. And it really works, I’ve already seen a lot of things change, because enough people signed a petition.

I really care about nature and animals in particular and I think the CIWF has some good things they’d like to change. Even if you don’t really care about animals, but do care about your health, it might be a good idea to look at their website. Since the (over)use of antibiotics is bad for your body too.

You can help them by donating/fundraising or signing petitions or raising awareness when you live in the Netherlands, China, France, Italy, Poland, UK or USA. This is there USA website (you can change your country in the upper left corner, next to the flag).

They aren’t trying to make you vegetarian or vegan, but they do want a world in which farm animals are treated with respect. The petition, this particular newsletter was about, was to ask the European Commision to stop sending transports of living animals to Turkey. This because of the horrible circumstances they have to endure for many hours/days, before they get slaughtered (if they survived the trip at all). You can find the petition here.

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