About the Hippo and the blog

About me

Well, I’m not exactly sure what to say. You can’t define a human being in one page, but I think an introduction would be appreciated. I’ll just try 😉

Hi there, thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate you’re taking the time. I’m a female and usually regarded as ‘young’. I love languages and want to learn quite some of them. I’m also a fan of nature and animals. I’ve got a couple of chronic diseases and disabilities, but you’ll find out more about that when you’re reading my blog.

I live together with my partner (my fellow Hippo), who also has chronic diseases and disabilities. He supports me a lot, because he can really understand what I’m feeling. Together we tackle life’s challenges and hopefully enjoy life too.


[Image with the text: There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more. Robert M. Hensel]

My blog

I doubted for a very long time if I should start my own blog. I wanted to share some things with other ‘disabled’ people, but also with those who don’t have a disability or chronic illness. I hope by sharing our experiences and ideas, we’ll get more understanding and respect for everyone. However, it’s hard for me, because I can hardly do anything during a day. That makes meeting people difficult and blogging a better option. What kept me from blogging earlier? I was wondering if someone would actually care about my opinion. Why should I bother others with it? And people can always interpret something differently than what you actually mean. I don’t want to do any harm to anyone. And insecurity of course..

I try to focus on the positive things (you have to, to “survive”), but without forgetting my body’s limits (which is very important and difficult). And negative thoughts are allowed, I think you shouldn’t force positivity. I think everyone deserves to have nice things in life. I hope together we can make the world a better place and create chances for everyone to participate in a way that gives them satisfaction (don’t forget the environment ;)). I hope I don’t sound like a preacher too much. Just for the record: I’m no saint and definitely not perfect. But no one has to be perfect 😉 In fact, I think there’s no perfect.


[Image with the text: I’m perfect. Written as if the word imperfect was corrected.]

My username

Why did I pick the hippopotamus? I think this animal is mainly regarded as pathetic or lame. Lazy, fat, useless, ugly, slow etc. But a hippo is actually very dangerous. It has a lot of strenght and can run fast. Although I have no intention to kill humans (or anything, for that matter) I do think people might regard ‘disabled’ (whether this is physically or mentally or psychiatric) as lazy and useless and weak. But I think we’re very strong.


[Drawing of a blue smiling hippo holding the text hippo.]

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