Reblog: A heartfelt “thank you” to Senator John McCain.

Very interesting point of view, it seems the logical explanation and by doing this he knew people were going to hate him for the first yes.

Lucky Otters Haven

John McCain US Senator visits Slovenia

The ACA (otherwise known as Obamacare) was hanging in the balance, poised to be killed by a group of cold-blooded old white men that only cared about more tax breaks for themselves.

Led by the compassionless Mitch McConnell, they operated in the darkness, behind locked doors, and only with other Republicans.   They turned their backs on the pleas from thousands who would sicken and possibly die without the ACA or the Medicaid expansion that went with it.    Not once did they show any concern with how the people felt about what they wanted to do.

As it turned out, they had no real plan.   They had seven years to come up with a better replacement to Obamacare, but it became increasingly obvious the only thing they really cared about was repeal.   Every plan they came up with was worse than the last.  CBO scores predicted these…

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