Share: my recommendations this week

I’ve been doing a lot of reblogs in the past and have been thinking of making a more personal post with why I recommend something. So this is my first little list. My recommendations this week (in chronological order). Due to my health, I wasn’t able to colect more this week.

    A personal Dutch blog about her son with classical autism and intellectual impairment. I’ve been reading her posts for a long time and they always hit me. It feels as if I can really see and feel everything happening myself and I can feel the powerlessness. And the happiness about things that seem minor to other people, but mainly disabilities do not give positive things. It is down-to-earth and sometimes heartbreaking. I really wish things will go better for her family, but there’s not much we can do exept for giving the little support we can.
    This is a much lighter post regarding something I’ve been wondering about for a while. The random capitalization or not-capitalization (when they should be capitalized) of words. I have no idea why people do it, but it can be very difficult to read if every word has capital letters. Maybe it’s a new thing that originated from texting? At least the “using numbers in stead of letters” trend seems to have cooled down. Because the combination would be dreadful to read.
    Another serious post with lots of information and insight on anorexia and how you can help your kid if you think he/she has an eating disorder. It is also inspirational and I think she does an amazing job in spreading awareness and sharing her stories. I haven’t found a better blog regarding eating disorders yet. If you’re a Christian you will probably resonate with her as well. I’m not, but I’m happy for her  that her faith has saved her life and gives her courage and happiness.
  4.     This is actually already a reblog, but I like the intro she gave it and thanks to her I found this post. A very important subject and I agree completely. It’s not about “only the strong people survive” and I too think that the critique comes from a very fortunate position of ignorance, of never having to go through those feelings and situations that trigger it.



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