The adventures of Doggy: womanizer vs. courtly love

Our Doggy hasn’t been castrated because that can give some health issues and there is no reason to do it. We pay close attention to him and keep him on the leash. If the other dog owner is watching his/her female dog too (she might come to him and try to jump him) then nothing will happen.

Just like most humans, most dogs are interested in love. Or that other thing that doesn’t necessarily have to be connected with love: sex. Our Doggy is usually ‘interested’ in every female, especially when they’re in season. Let’s just say that a male dog usually jumps on a female dog quite soon. Not a lot of dating in restaurants, going to the cinema and giving expensive jewellry beforehand. Usually Doggy is a womanizer. However, one female dog is different for Doggy. It really is a very sweet sight to see and I’d like to share it with you.


[Photo of a puppy, holding a red rose with his snout and wearing a black bowtie.]

When Doggy is on the leash, he’s usually very calm when meeting other dogs. He stands still so they can meet him or just passes them by. However, when he meets his Kimmy* it’s different. When he spots there he wants to run towards her, wagging his tail even more than usual. His flappy ears in his “happy position”. The same applies for Kimmy. She can’t just be calm and quiet either. She’ll bark and wag her tail and run towards Doggy. Doggy will lie down, so she knows she can stop barking because he isn’t going anywhere, and wag his tail vividly and when she’s close enough jump upright.

It’s different because with her he’s very gentle and despite having seen her a lot and she liking him, he’s never actually ‘jumped’ her. He will only give her sweet and careful licks around her snout. They might lay their heads on each other while standing or lying down or “kiss” each other even more. It’s so sweet and I’ve never seen Doggy likes this before. Yes, he has been impressed by large female dogs and admired them. But not as attentive as this and not without never even trying to do “netflix and chill”. It seems as if he doesn’t even think about that, because he wouldn’t want to accidentaly hurt her feelings.

Kimmy knows where Doggy lives and when she passes the house she will stand still and wait a bit. Her owner knows she has to wait for a little while, or she won’t come with her. If she sees one of us Hippos she will wag her tail and bark, waiting for Doggy to come out. Even though they sadly haven’t seen each other for months now (walking on different times and different routes), she will keep doing this. And when they see each other again, it will be as if they’ve never been out each other’s sight.

[Photo of a dog licking another dog sitting next to him.]

What do you think, can a dog actually fall in love? Have you ever seen something like this between dogs?

*Just like Doggy isn’t Doggy’s real name, Kimmy isn’t his girlfriends real name.

Photo source 1
Photo source 2


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