Reblog: Sexual Revictimization: Are you really more likely to be victimized a second time?

Self-Care After Rape

Key findings from several major studies (from 2000-2011) that explored the correlation between child sexual abuse (CSA) and subsequent victimization in adulthood, which illustrate a significant link between childhood and adulthood sexual revictimization (as well as related health problems).

Lalor, K., & McElvaney, R. (2010): Child sexual abuse, links to later sexual exploitation/highrisk sexual behavior, and prevention/treatment programs.

  • Numerous studies suggest that sexual victimization in adolescence significantly increases the likelihood of sexual victimization in adulthood. Studies suggest that sexual victimization in childhood or adolescence increases the likelihood of sexual victimization in adulthood between 2 and 13.7 times.
  • Several researchers speculate that mediating factors caused by CSA contribute to higher risk of sexual revictimization. Childhood abuse may interfere with normal development of interpersonal relatedness and affect regulation, which in turn decrease abuse victims’ awareness of danger. Negative long-term effects of CSA may be attempts to avoid or cope with negative emotional…

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Reblog: Hippos – Did You Know…

A Momma's View

Image result for Image hippo

… That when hippos are upset, their sweat turns red? I stumbled across this weird fact and dug a bit deeper. Actually it’s more like they secrete an oily red substance that acts as a moisturizer, sunblock and protects them from germs. This also makes them look like they are sweating blood. While looking up the “red blood fact” I found some more interesting facts about this beautiful grey giant:

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A smile a day…

This is one of my favourite music videos. So far it has always been able to cheer me up. It’s important to have something that can make you happy (even if it’s just a little), no matter how you feel. It won’t take your troubles away, but it’s nice to get away from them for a moment. They start singing around 0:30. I can recommend to keep watching till the end 🙂


Reblog: If you make jokes about paedophiles & child sexual abuse – you are sick and heinous ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Rolf Harris is court again, for more of his victims coming forward and stating he abused them. It’s bad enough that so many people defend him, and so many people ‘feel sorry’ for him because he is old.

But, today I read comments where people are making jokes about child sexual abuse and paedophiles.

How fucking sick is that. I despise people who can turn such heinous and abhorrent abuse and make jokes about it.

There is nothing funny or humorous in being sexually abused by a paedophile. And anyone who thinks its funny – is as sick and abhorrent as the paedophiles are.

I don’t want to live in a world with paedophile apologists, and rape apologists. Where people protect paedophiles, makes excuses for them and blame the victims, or say the victims are lying.

My mind always goes straight to thinking about the victims, and what they must be feeling when…

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