Petition: End the dog meat festival

Yes, you read that right: dog meat ‘festival’. What does it look like? Well, I’ve never been there but about 10.000 dogs, mostly puppies, get beaten to death. Waiting in cages without food or water, they usually have to drive for days, untill the butcher is ready. If you hate dogs and are a cat person: they also kill kittens/cats.

More and more Chinese oppose to this festival and they even try to save the puppies and buy them. But the butchers won’t sell them to these people, because then they can’t kill the poor doggie… Maybe this fact is even more shocking: most of the cats and dogs that get killed during this ‘festival’ are stolen PETS.

[Photo of sad dog face]

The authorities of Yulin already disapprove of this festival, thanks to a same petition last year. However, it’s still continuing, so we need to urge them to actually do something against it. You can find the petition here. I think everyone is against this, even if you think ‘meat is just meat’. Because so much goes to waste and the circumstances are not right. And apparently to the butchers ‘money isn’t just money’. This massive consumption of dog meat also seems to be really bad for the health of the consumers (rabies, cholera). I can’t imagine eating dog meat, but I think there are plenty of reasons to stop this festival right now.

I think this is absolutely disgusting and I hope you’ll all sign and share this petition. And if you have one: give your doggie an extra big hug 😉

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