Reblog: Pride has gone out the window

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

I am sure a lot of you know my cat Gizmo, for those of you who don’t this is him

gizmo tumble dryer

On the 15th March (so tuesday) he went missing, weirdly enough we had a cat called Jones, who was also ginger who went missing exactly the same time last year

jones still searching

(This is Jones, easy for some to get confused)

I was worried, Gizmo, is one of those cats that follows my son to school, will come with the dog for a walk and generally always there 5 minutes before meal time. But Giz, came in at around 10.15pm miowing, about what I thought was his dinner.

Turns out I was wrong, his right back leg was badly broken. When I say badly, it was the wrong way round. We hadn’t got insurance for Gizmo, instead we had been putting money aside instead.

Since it was so late, I had to…

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