You don’t want to miss this: the largest waterfall in the Netherlands

I love travelling and I’ve also seen this impressive waterfall with my own eyes. Curious because of all the signs reading ‘waterfall’, I wanted to see this. It is one of the best kept secrets in the Netherlands. A lot of people never knew about this place. I just stumbled upon it. The Netherlands and a waterfall, that doesn’t seem right now does it? The Netherlands is supposedly flat…

Well, in case you decide to visit the Netherlands and aren’t only traveling to Amsterdam, I’d like to inform you well. The tourist information offices like to call this ‘The Niagara Falls of the Netherlands’. Here’s the biggest waterfall of the Netherlands, it is located in Loenen and it is man-made and 15 metres high.


[Image of a forest during autumn/fall with a stream of water going down several bumps. Next to it are stairs on both sides.]

It’s probably the most unimpressive waterfall I’ve ever seen and I find it very ugly (probably because it’s more stairs than waterfall). I like the forest better.
False advertising is everywhere and it surely is for this waterfall (it looks kinda impressive and nicd on the photos). Usually there’s hardly any water in it. I’ve heard of (German) tourists visiting this place, thinking it would be an actual waterfall… I feel sorry for them, even though I was a tourist too. But I knew beforehand that (Dutch) tourism advertisors love to exaggerate.

The Netherlands are proud, because it has the same height as the famous waterfalls of Coo, located in Belgium (I’ve been there too). I’m very sorry for the Netherlands, but I found those more impressive. Better luck next time, since the Netherlands truly has some wonderful places as well.

[Image of a waterfall under a bridge]
This is a picture of the waterfalls of Coo.

Morale of the story? Don’t believe everything ‘they’ say immediately, but also keep thinking for yourself.

Photo source 1
Photo source 2


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