Reblog: Tribute & Prayer To Belgium On March 22nd After Terrorist Attack- poem by Drem


It’s nearing 8AM  EST on March 22, 2016.

Today at 8AM CET in Belgium suicide bombers attacked their airport and subways.

At 9:59 AM EST on September 11, 2011 the first Twin Tower fell by suicide bombers.

The threw this together. It’s my immediate reaction to the Belgian attacks.

To Belgium On March 22, 2016, by Drem

March 22, 2016

“My heart pounds with panic

over my memories being relived.

My heart pounds with sadness

knowing my memories are being lived.

It all comes running back now

as it all comes to you.

The circle of terror is ringing

round my corner once more.

Again the safety of our children

are being threatened by bombs.

More lives are changing

forever scarred.

Fear is a power

that is being propelled.

Time may heal injuries,

but can’t heal witnessing hell.

Those poor crying eyes.

Those poor virgin eyes.

I’ve seen what you’ve seen…

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