‘Freezer-cooking’ risotto + easy variation tip

I’ve posted my risotto recipe before, which is adapted to my liking and my financial situation (it really is a treat for us). I hope you enjoy that recipe. Feel free to adapt it to your style! Maybe you can also use ingredients or techniques in a different recipe and adapt that one. I find that being able to adapt things to your needs is very important in life, especially if you’re ‘not entirely normal’. That way you can still enjoy a lot of things 🙂

With our risotto recipe we make ‘too much’, but do this on purpose. We can’t cook by ourselves, because of our disabilities, so we can only cook once a week if there’s someone available. We freeze it in and then fry it in the pan. Sometimes add a little salt or italian herbs for the extra flavour, because you still lose it a little (and the structure will also get a bit lost). However, frying it in a pan is a lot better than putting it in the microwave, for both taste and structure 🙂 For other dishes I sometimes also add a fresh vegetable (for macaroni I usually fry a red paprika for the extra crunch) or bake an egg or add fresh cheese etc. It’s ok if you can’t use all fresh stuff, we can’t either and only buy it when it’s for sale. You can also make it delicious with less fresh goods.

Something we tried this week is baking (fresh) champignons in a different pan. Then you can eat it seperately or mix it through the risotto. So, for our champignons we slice champignons (obviously), then fry it in a pan with olive oil. We use this olive oil for the flavour, so despite ceramic pans we used oil this time. Then we added italian herbs and garlic powder (and a tiny bit of salt). It was delicious! You can also mix these champignons with other dishes, such as meatballs.
[Photo of champignons being fried in a pan]
Note: These aren’t the champignons we made.

It can be quite surprising how just a little bit of spices or herbs can make a dish taste really different. Especially for ‘freezer-cooking’ I find it essential to make it tasty. We always have fresh garlic and herbs/spices from the supermarket (we use salt, italian herbs and garlic powder  the most, but we also have a lot of others depending on the style of the dish we’re making). I hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with (easy) cooking!

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