Reblog: Reviewers Wanted!

I know there are a lot of book bloggers and lovers out here.

Little Lord Oscar Dandelion Books


Norfolk (not Dandelion Hall), England.

Brrrr! It’s quite cold here as we – Chester, Oscar, and I – sit at the computer, cuddled under the coveted purple blanket (I used to have another blanket but the dogs entirely took that one over and now they’re making me share mine…).

I wanted to write a New Year post but I had been very poorly with a severe migraine, so this is the first post of 2016. I wish a healthy happy year to you all.

We – of Under The Coveted Purple Blanket – think it’d be great if we had some book reviews on Amazon forLittle Lord Oscar Dandelion (International Jewel – and Sandwich Filling – Thief). For honest reviews we are happy to, for a limited time, offer a FREE copy of the Kindle book.

Please get in touch if interested!

Faith McCord

Important, please…

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