3 ‘normal’ kitchen appliances/utensils that really help me

Everyone needs to eat and for a lot of people cooking is a necessity, but not always one that fits in the rest of your schedule. For me, that’s the same, although I also have a few other hurdles I need to find a creative solution for. I know I’m not the only one with these hurdles, so I’d like to share some tools that might help.

These 3 things aren’t special equipment, although you might need to do some searching to find cheap ones if you don’t have a lot of money (or like to find a bargain). But that’s possible. Be careful with secondhand buying the airfryer, since that’s how we got swindled (for the first time in our lives). Apparently those are very popular… Despite pressing charges of internet fraud, the police never did anything and we never saw our money (or the seller) again.

Note: the photos are of comparable products, not the ones we own.



[Image of a black Airfryer with in its frying basket fresh fries]

I already mentioned this one. I think this is a product you either love or hate. We love it and use it a lot, but I’ve also heard of people hardly ever using it. It might be something for you, if you’re looking for healthier ways of eating food (healthier, I’m not saying that eating fries from the airfryer is incredibly healthy, but it’s better and I think it tastes well) and you can prepare food easily. I personally don’t like microwave snacks, but in this one we put normal ones. You need to figure out some things of preheating time and stuff, but when you figured out what you like best, I think it’s a great product. There are multiple airfyer like appliances on the market. We have the Philips airfryer, because we thought that one was the best (in some airfryers you can only put round things for example, but we want everything). Make sure you look at all the pros and cons of all products and choose which one suits you best.
We don’t use any oil and the crust of bread-crumbed products might not taste as good as from the normal fryer, but it’s still lovely when you but it on a roll. I also think it’s a lot faster than a normal fryer, a lot healthier, cheaper and it doesn’t stink. We both can handle these products a lot better, since they aren’t as fatty. I also want to try other things with it than potatoes (all sorts of fries) and snacks, but so far we haven’t. But I’ve seen some interesting recipes on the internet, especially for groceries (my fellow Hippo isn’t into groceries so…)

Large freezer


[Image of a large vertical freezer]

I can’t cook without a lot of help. My fellow Hippo can only cook when he doesn’t have anything else to do that day, just like me. Getting meals delivered is too expensive and I can’t eat those meals from the supermarket due to IBS (and they’re expensive). So a large freezer really saved our ass a lot of times. Buying a large freezer is actually cheaper than a couple small ones. Again, there are a lot of options, so think of what is important for you (for example: do you want a fast freezer box or are you not going to use that?). We wanted a lot of drawers, but not a very expensive one (because we wouldn’t be able to afford that). We found ours on the internet, but from a shop which didn’t have a record of internet fraud (for as far as the police website could tell us).
We cook once a week, with help and then we make a lot of extra portions. We freeze those in and eat those during other times. The taste is a bit less, but we have some tricks to make it still tasty 😉 My parents also cook extra portions for us and give those to us when I visit them. So, we don’t have to go hungry despite our disabilities and can still live on ourselves 🙂

Ceramic pans


[Image of four colourful ceramic frying pans].

Buying pans really is troubling, especially when you have trouble with your hands. For me, ceramic pans really are the best solution (I haven’t found anything better at least). They are light-weighted, easy to clean and the cooking is healthier (less fat, so less IBS troubles for us). We found these during a sale on a website and we discovered this sale returns every couple… month? So that’s great. We gave my parents a set too for Sinterklaas and they are really happy with it as well. No oil or butter. You need to get used to it of course. Ingredients look differently when you don’t bake them in oil, but they still taste lovely (I don’t like a fatty taste anyway and now it tastes more pure). Make sure you don’t put the temperature of the stove too high, because it seems to be done earlier than in normal pans.

Do you have some favourite kitchen utensils/appliances that help you a lot?

I actually forgot one, but it’s considered so normal: an exhaust (hood). Without it, I wouldn’t be able to breath, because I have some lung/breathing issues. So, I’m very happy about this invention!

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