Reblog: Domestic Abuse: Not Just A Female Thing


On the eleventh of January, popular YouTuber Matthew Santoro uploaded a video detailing the domestic abuse he encountered in his previous relationship. Although no names were mentioned, we can infer that he is in fact talking about ex girlfriend Nicole Arbour, who’s been making her own headlines in weeks gone by with that ‘Dear Fat People’ video.

You can watch the ‘My Abuse Story’ video here.

The video, which is understandably very emotional, explains the isolation he felt during their relationship, after he was removed from all of his friends. He described her controlling ways, and the methods she used in order to force him to cut off those he cared about, eventually leading to her physically striking him.

“And I lost my friends. I lost my closest friends because I was made to believe that everybody else was a loser. Everybody else in my life that didn’t agree with…

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