Reblog: Downstream

It’s good to think about issues like this; I totally agree with this post.

A Momma's View

Everyone lives downstream from someone” was the comment Rixlibris left on one of my recent posts. And it sums up the entire issue with us human beings and the way we treat our home.

Just think about it: We do things of we think will never effect us and kind of don’t care what it might do to others. But we all sit in the same boat. Even if the things we do never will be an issue for us personally, something someone else did might. What we put out there today will be an issue for our next generation and the generation to come.

I’m not going to write about Global Warming. I’m not going to discuss if it’s happening or not (I do believe it is).

I simply want to put one question out there:

Imagine you own a beautiful house, with heaps of rare and amazing…

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