365 Christmas Days

I always enjoy learning about the traditions in other countries. I already knew not every country had a first and second Christmas Day (or a Boxing Day). Apparently in some countries it’s all about Christmas Eve.

Around Christmas people care more about others, give more to others, spend more time together etc. At least, that’s what we try even more around that time. It’s good to see that more people realize that it’s not just about the ‘materialistic things’. I’m not against giving presents or decorations, but we need to keep checking ourselves that we’re not losing the focus and become greedy for example. Or too stressed, which also make you lash out more.

If Christmas is all about peace, love, happiness and helping each other, then I’d like to suggest every day is a Christmas Day. Just add the numbers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone would act like they do around Christmas (I only mean the positive things, not the stress and everything)? That eventually, nobody would feel lonely anymore, or cold or uncomfortable.

I don’t think this idea would really work. Around the 198th Christmas Day I guess some people will lose the spirit 😉 Oh well, it’s fun to think about it and who knows. Maybe in the future we won’t ‘need’ Christmas to do these good deeds anymore 🙂 You don’t need a reason to be kind and caring after all.


[Image of a calendar with christmas trees on every date]

I hope we’ll all be able to ‘hold the Christmas spirit’ in the New Year. We can’t change other people, but we can change ourselves and try to direct others with our behaviour. Together, we can do so many good things 🙂

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2 thoughts on “365 Christmas Days

  1. If it was Christmas everyday it would somehow loose its magic. People would get sick of the food, and music, and decorations. I do wish people did see Christmas as a more special time of year and not as a burden. Even Grinch had to admit there was something special about Christmas!

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