Petition: Therapy/service dog seized because she’s a pitbull

Update (March 25): The judge will return the dog to them, if they move to a city without BSL before May 9. The mother says she has trouble finding an affordable place and keeps urging everyone to sign.

Today I came across this petition, which I wanted to share with you. I think it will appeal to both animal lovers as people with compassion for mental issues.

You can read the whole story when you click here, where you can also sign the petition. The story in short: a single mother of 3 moved to Jacksonville (Arkansas). Her daughter has a special dog, which is also certified as a service/therapy dog. They have all the papers necessary, so the dog is allowed to follow them into the doctor’s office, at the airport, into the school etc. However, she didn’t realize that Jacksonville had a BSL (breed-specific legislation). It’s forbidden to have a pitbull there, because they still think that pitbulls in general are dangerous – I though this topic was finally out of date… It’s ridiculous in the first place, which many dog lovers will be able to inform you about this. In short: it’s not about the breed, but the people raising them as fighting dogs.

Now it’s even more ridiculous, because this is a certified service dog. So you can be absolutely sure she isn’t dangerous. The neighbours saw a pitbull, called the police and the dog was taken away.  This happened twice and the last time she hasn’t returned yet. It doesn’t matter that she is sweet, that she’s a therapy dog, she is a pitbull. Those are dangerous, those aren’t allowed… The mother is in a legal battle and she asks for as much signatures as possible, before het next court date (January 11).


[Close-up photo of a pitbull dog lying on a carpet and looking into the camera]

Do you also agree this is ridiculous? Please let your voice be heard. Together we stay strong!


10 thoughts on “Petition: Therapy/service dog seized because she’s a pitbull

  1. I think this is horrible! I’m a big believer that no dog breed is truly “bad” but rather it’s how he’s raised, etc. While some dogs that have wolf in them, etc. may be more apt to become mean later on, I don’t think that pit bulls are this way or that any dog should be considered “bad” just because of its breed, ESPECIALLY if it’s a service dog!

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  2. Reblogged this on Getting Through Anxiety and commented:
    I just want to share this post with you that Mel posted on ‘Enability Blog’. I haven’t read the whole article on this, but I did read Mel’s post and from what I read, I’m outraged. This dog is supposedly very kind and a service dog. I don’t think that just because it’s a pit bull, that both the dog and its owner should be punished!

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  3. there is a difference between a Service dog and a Therapy dog. I personally don’t believe in “breed restrictions” like this but it’s honestly not illegal if the dog is only a Therapy dog.

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    1. Thank you for your extra info. I don’t know enough of the American law. It’s not well specified whether it’s a therapy or sevice dog. But I think it’s ridiculous anyway. Even if a dog bites someone (that’s not the case here), there should be looked at the circumstances. Usually includes abuse in some form and if they receive intense training from a behaviour specialist, it’s possible they can stay alive. But putting them in a cage and not help them till the time is over, of course that would only worsen the behaviour, it’s traumatic.

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