Adapted tradition: sending Christmas cards

I’ve talked about adapting holidays to your needs and what you’d like, before. I can’t ‘preach’ without doing it myself, because then I would find myself a hypocrit. One of the things I changed this year is the sending cards tradition. I always send a lot of cards, even though I hardly get any, but I can hardly write. I also (used to) send them to people I didn’t spoke to in a couple years. So I would be busy for days and my hand would hurt even more days. Same problem with birthdays. Despite that, it’s also something we can’t actually afford and goin shopping is quite a hustle. But I think sending cards is nice, a kind gesture without having to sit with someone for many hours. And I already am not fond of shaking hands, so I’m glad I found a ‘manner’ I don’t mind.

For a couple of years I sometimes send people an e-card. These are free. I use them from the hallmark site, because they have a big collection and you can pick the date. But I’ve also seen those where you add a few pictures to a movie and those are really funny, but take more work.
I don’t know why I never thought of replacing this with everything, I’ve send e-cards sometimes but not entirely. This year I started to fully do this for birthdays (unless I’m invited and go to a party, then I’ll bring a card too) and now also for Christmas. I still like to find a card that I think suits the person and you can type a personal message. Oh and I make them in advance, because my method still takes a lot of time. For Christmas I had to be more efficient, so I figured out that you can add more than one e-mailadress, so you can send one e-card to more people. This way, I picked a few and made a less personal message. I hope they’ll still appreciate it. I think it’s more about the idea that I thought of them anyway, since I don’t do it ‘because you have to’.
And my fellow Hippo will make a good impression too, because I sign them all with both our names.

Just one problem: I don’t have everyone’s e-mailaddres and my grandparents don’t have a computer. Oh well, my parents still send cards too (not as thoroughly and ‘unique’ as I used to do – I wanted a different message on every single one of them, otherwise it felt fake – , so that saves them a lot of time and they don’t have trouble with their hands or with writing) and add our names to some of them ^^ Oh and of course they keep a list of who send them one too, which is quite a good idea actually. And maybe I shouldn’t care as much when I don’t even have someone’s e-mailadress.


[Drawing of santa putting a present in a mailbox in front of a decorated house. Above it is the text: Wishing that his year Santa delivers you fun, laughter and happiness that stays with you forever! Merry Christmas!]

Do you have special ‘adapted traditions’ this year? Oh and I have another question: do you send cards to people you work with or teachers or something like that? And would you send them to everyone or just a few (with the risk of the other colleagues finding out)? I used to write Christmas cards for some teachers or even therapists which I appreciated more, but so far I haven’t had any plans to do that. I’m afraid they’ll think it’s ass kissing :/ And I shouldn’t think about what other people (such as other students) think about it, but maybe I should think about what the person receiving it might think?

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One thought on “Adapted tradition: sending Christmas cards

  1. Wij hebben het merendeel van de kerstshopping op gedaan. Beetje cheap misschien maar je krijgt me geen grote winkelstraat meer in.
    Qua kaartjes was ik er net nog over aan het nadenken. Ik ga er idd weinig fysieke sturen, en die voor de familie gewoon meenemen met kerst. Heb er vorig jaar eentje naar een ex-baas gestuurd en eentje teruggekregen, wat heel fijn was. Die krijgt er dit jaar weer eentje. Voor de rest geef ik er nooit aan collega’s, weet niet waarom 🙂
    Wat voor jou het beste voelt, dat moet je gewoon doen, onafhankelijk van wat anderen Ervan Zouden Kunnen Denken 😉
    Bij deze mijn beste wensen voor jou en je mede-Hippo! 🙂

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