My experience with orofacial (myofunctional) therapy (so far) – part 2

This is part 2. You can find part 1 and part 3 here.

In a previous post I already talked about how I got introduced to this therapy and why. Now I’d like to talk about how the therapy has been so far.

The first appointment went better than I expected. Just some talking and he gave me a couple exercises. Both my fellow Hippo and the therapist did them with me, so I wasn’t that ashamed when I had to open and close my mouth like a goldfish (well, ok I still was, but I hadn’t done it if they weren’t doing it I think, sshht..)
The second one was a surprise though. Somehow, because of the first one, I didn’t think he would touch me. I thought he would just give me some other exercises. That’s why, when my fellow Hippo asked if he had to come, I said I could try it alone (I try to do it alone, unless I’m certain that something tough will happen, such as touching). But he knows me well and of course I prefer he comes along. Now that I know what happened, I’m really glad he came. Thanks to him it still went well and I stayed calm. Otherwise I probably would have panicked.

We were talking about how it was going and suddenly he told me I should lie on the bed, with my head in his hands who were in front of his… well I was afraid I would be lying on a certain body part, but my fellow Hippo assured me that didn’t happen because of his hands. And if he would have pulled them away, I would be lying on his jeans he said (I don’t really agree with that part, although technically it’s true). He ‘massaged’ my ‘face’, including the back of my head and my neck. It really hurted, but I could lie still and don’t show it (I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Some people say you should tell or show when it hurts and others don’t). My fellow Hippo and him were talking a lot so that created a little diversion. I even talked, while he was ‘massaging’ me. Funny though, since I told him I decided to skip my massage exercise because that one hurted too much. He told me I had to do it really gentle, so I almost wouldn’t feel my own touch. However, he really put pressure on it, so that was a bit ironic (and a surprise).
I still had some extra pain around my jaws the rest of the day and that lasted for a week. If you’re going to do this therapy, I hope me saying that doesn’t scare you. My body is extra sensitive to pain, so even soft touches hurt and the pain lasts longer.

[Photo of a woman lying on her back with her head being hold in the hands of a therapist, massaging her neck/the back of her head].

On this photo it seems to be done really gentle, but that wasn’t how my ‘massage’ went. I also didn’t lie with my head on the bed.

Everything went well, so I’m glad my fellow Hippo decided it was better that he joined me this time (it was a surprise for him too). Friday I have my next appointment (then it has been two weeks ago). My fellow Hippo and I already decided that he would come then too. The therapist doesn’t mind it, so that’s nice (he seems to enjoy talking with my fellow Hippo actually). I hope I can ask him what his plans are for the therapy, so I can prepare myself better and hopefully not burden my fellow Hippo, but go with someone who gets paid for it. I also think this therapist might be a good ‘normal’ physiotherapist for me, since he seems to know a lot about fibromyalgia.

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