My experience with orofacial (myofunctional) therapy (so far) – part 1 (my referral/introduction)

This is part 1, you can find part 2 and part 3 here.

Orofacial therapy, or as I’d like to call it ‘jaw-physiotherapy’. Before a couple months ago, I never heard about it. Untill I switched from dentist (because I moved to a different city) and she adviced me to do this therapy.

For many years I’ve been having problems with bruxism, a.k.a. grinding my teeth. It wakes my fellow Hippo up, it damages my teeth and it hurts my jaws.
As you can probably guess, going to the dentist isn’t my favourite pastime, if I put it lightly. I’m actually really scared and it feels like I’m getting more scared over the years. However, I do go about twice a year (the last time with thanks to my fellow Hippo). Because I was for the first time here, I got a long appointment. My previous dentist also knew about my bruxism and gave me an occlusal splint (that doesn’t fit well hurts and even changes the positions of my upper teeth – which is something that shouldn’t happen, because now I can’t put my teeth together during daytime. But my previous dentist wouldn’t make me a new one). I told the new dentist about it (once again with thanks to my fellow Hippo) and that I keep on grinding my teeth. A lot of people stop grinding when they get the splint. She told me that they can make an occlusal splint of different material, softer so it wouldn’t hurt, and she told me about this therapy. I haven’t made a new occlusal splint yet because of the money, but I did start with the therapy.

Not many physiotherapists are specialised in this, so I didn’t have much choice. Actually, just one. A man. I’m afraid of men and if possible, I ask for a female. After a lot of talking with my fellow Hippo, we decided we would try it and tell the therapist right away that I have PTSD too (we actually don’t remember if we did). My fellow Hippo would come with me – at least the first time. He actually always comes with me, but it’s too much for him to handle all my appointments, because he has mental and physical illnesses too. So we’re working on it that I do more with one of my ‘official guides’ or alone.

I always get afraid when I have to start a new treatment or get an examination, so first I always try to find as much information as possible. However, I could hardly find any experiences with this therapy. I’ve been 2 times so far, because of a long gap between my intake and my second appointment (too busy with other appointments).


[Photo of one side of a skull with some fake muscles on it, with their names written on it as well]

My posts are often very long and I realize that that’s harder to read for a lot of people. So, I decided to split my posts up if I want to tell a lot (which is usually the case). Hopefully, it will be easier to read that way. So next time, I’ll talk about my first two appointments.

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