Petition: Norway wolf hunt: 30 wolves, 11000 hunters

Update: this petition is now closed.

Last week I posted about the CIWF, which has multiple petitions and other possibilities to support them. Today I came across a different petition to protect animals. I hope you don’t mind me posting these things, since it isn’t related to disabilities, but it is a part of me. So I hope you won’t think I’m spamming, but supporting charities is something I used to do a lot and still do – but in a different manner.

This time it’s about the Norway wolf hunt (as the title already said). There are only 30 wolves left in Norway, so I don’t understand why the government would allow a hunt at all, because I can’t imagine that this is an overpopulation and that they are causing trouble (personally, I’m against hunting anyway). 16 wolves are allowed to die during the hunt, but this is apparently a very popular sport in Norway: 11,000 hunters applied and received a license for this hunt! Making it almost impossible for the wolves to survive this hunt at all…


[Close-up photo of (the heads of) two wolves next to each other].

I find this total madness. There are only 30 wolves left in all of Norway and then they want to kill half of them. I can’t imagine that’s helpful for the population or that there’s a really good reason for this (the government is afraid that there will be a big population in a couple years, but this is too drastic). It’s ridiculous that they allow so many hunters to join.

You can find the petition here.

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2 thoughts on “Petition: Norway wolf hunt: 30 wolves, 11000 hunters

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say that I, too, hate the idea of hunting. Yes, I understand if we all still needed to hunt for our food, but we don’t eat wolves nor is that the purpose of why they’re being hunted. I also don’t get why if there are only 30, they need to kill half of them. That makes no sense! This reminds me of this ridiculous article I once read about people hunting rhinos to help save rhinos…? It made no sense!

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    1. Hunters (or governments) often use that ‘it’s to save them’ excuses, because it’s almost the only reason why soms people find it acceptable (the reason that they’re making trouble for humans can be refuted more easily. Often the humans disrupted nature by building and destroying or importing animals that didn’t live there before. I think it’s not fair that humans make mistakes and that the animals have to pay for them).
      So they use the excuse that there are too many animals for nature to carry, so there’ll be food shortage or something and then they’ll die of hunger. Which they’ll say is less humane. However, often it’s still the humans who disbalanced that ecosystem in the first place. And often it’s just an excuse that hides their agenda. It’s ridiculous when there are only 30 and then they even kill half! I never approve of modern hunting nowadays. We’re not part of tribes who don’t know about the rest of the world and about modern techniques. Actually, often those tribes aren’t unbalancing nature as much. They kill one animal so the entire tribe can eat.

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