Charity: Compassion In World Farming

Two posts on one day is a bit much, but there was something I’d like to share. I hope more people will support this cause and I’d like to try raise awareness about a charity or petition at least once a week.


[Logo of the CIWF. It has the text: Compassion in world farming on it and a drawing of a jumping lamb]

Today I received a newsletter from the CIWF (Compassion In World Farming) division of the Netherlands. They asked me to sign a petition, which I often do in general if I agree with it. I think signing petitions (or sending a certain letter with your name under it) is a good way to help a charity, for example if you can’t do volunteer work or give money. And it really works, I’ve already seen a lot of things change, because enough people signed a petition.

I really care about nature and animals in particular and I think the CIWF has some good things they’d like to change. Even if you don’t really care about animals, but do care about your health, it might be a good idea to look at their website. Since the (over)use of antibiotics is bad for your body too.

You can help them by donating/fundraising or signing petitions or raising awareness when you live in the Netherlands, China, France, Italy, Poland, UK or USA. This is there USA website (you can change your country in the upper left corner, next to the flag).

They aren’t trying to make you vegetarian or vegan, but they do want a world in which farm animals are treated with respect. The petition, this particular newsletter was about, was to ask the European Commision to stop sending transports of living animals to Turkey. This because of the horrible circumstances they have to endure for many hours/days, before they get slaughtered (if they survived the trip at all). You can find the petition here.

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