Baking + recipe (in 4 languages)

Baking is one of my hobbies as well. I’m not very creative or good with my hands (problems with motorics), but baking is something I can still enjoy. It can help me to empty my head a little and stop fretting. Often my cakes don’t look really beautiful, but taste better. Luckily, this is also according to my ‘philosophy’ about cooking/baking etc.: Taste is more important than how it looks. I’m often not really satisfied when I get a cake from the supermarket or the bakery, since it looks good but the flavour isn’t really there. I know you shouldn’t forget about the eyes, but there’s also where my physical disabilities come in again. However, that doesn’t matter to me. If someone doesn’t want to try it, because it doesn’t look like a palace that’s fine (I personally don’t like marsipan anyway, but it’s nice to look at the photos). There are also people who do like my ‘creations’.

I’ve made a couple adaptations for myself, so that I can still bake. I can hardly cut things (just a little thing with a special knife) and have a lot of trouble using my hands (it hurts a lot). I can’t stand for more than 2 minutes. However, with some help I can still enjoy it.
It does still hurt, but less, so it’s more acceptable and therefore more enjoyable for me as well. For example I do everything sitting at the dining table. And I’ve got a very light mixer. I also have to take breaks while baking and work very slowly. It goes even better when I have someone to help. Although I also bake by myself (since there’s not always someone available and you want to feel a bit independent as well). However, some things I can’t complete by myself, such as the recipe I’ve chosen to present today. So maybe you need some help with the kneading.


[Photo of little pieces of stuffed ginger cookie with an almond on top of it]

I surely didn’t pick an easy recipe to start with.. It’s a traditional Dutch recipe, which makes it hard to translate and hard for people to find the right ingredients. However, the special mixed spices can be found in certain big malls or special shops. I tried to translate it as well as I could (haven’t had language classes at school for a long time), but there are probably mistakes in it. Feel free to let me know what I should change. The recipe is in Dutch, English, French and German. It isn’t one of my best recipes (usually I have stronger flavours) and this is something you really like or you really don’t. My partner for example doesn’t like these kind of things at all (not just mine but also the ones from bakeries and shops), but my mother loves it. I think it tastes best when it’s a little warm.

Gevulde speculaas(taart)

  • 200 gr zelfrijzend bakmeel
  • 100 gr bruine basterdsuiker
  • 120 gr margarine
  • 1,5 eetlepel speculaaskruiden
  • 1 ei + ½ losgeklopt ei (om mee te bestrijken)
  • 1/2 theelepel zout
  • 300 gr amandelspijs
  • 15 gram amandelschaafsel (om mee te garneren)
  1. Verwarm de heteluchtoven voor op 175 graden C.
  2. Meel en suiker mengen. Speculaaskruiden en zout toevoegen.
  3. De margarine in blokjes erbij doen en 1 ei toevoegen. Met een vork of mixer mengen, dan met de hand verder tot een samenhangend deeg kneden.
  4. Het deeg in twee gelijke ballen verdelen; beide uitrollen tot een plak van 1 cm dik (in totaal dus 2 plakken).
  5. Eén plak op de bakplaat leggen en verdeel hierover de spijs. Daarna de tweede plak deeg er bovenop leggen. De taart versieren met het amandelschaafsel en bestrijken met ei.
  6. De speculaastaart in de voorverwarmde oven in 30 tot 40 minuten bakken.

Filled spice cake a.k.a. stuffed ginger cookie (pie)

200 grams self-raising flour a.k.a. self-rising flour
100 grams brown sugar
120 grams margarine
1.5 tablespoon ‘mix for spiced cookies’ (a.k.a. mixed spices)
1 egg + 1/2 stirred egg (for spreading over the dough)
½ teaspoon salt
300 grams almond paste
15 grams flaked almonds (for the garnish)

  1. Preheat the hot air oven at 347 degrees Fahrenheit/175 degrees Celsius.
  2. Mix the flour with the sugar. Add the mixed spices with salt.
  3. Cut the margarine in pieces and add it to the mixture, together with 1 egg. Mix it with a fork or mixer, then knead the dough by hand till it’s consistent.
  4. Divide the dough in two even balls; roll them both out till a slice of 0,393700787 inch/1 cm. (in total you’ll have 2 slices).
  5. Put one slice onto the baking tray (a.k.a. cookie sheet) and divide the almond paste on top of it. After that, put the second slice on top of that. Decorate the pie with the flaked almonds and spread egg over the pie.
  6. Bake the pie in the preheated oven for about 30-40 minutes.Deutsch
    Gefüllte Spekulatius (torte)
    200 Gramm Backpulver
    100 Gramm braune Farinzucker
    120 Gramm Margarine
    1,5 Esslöffel Spekulatiuskräuter
    1 Ei + ½ gerührtes Ei (um den Teig zu bestreichen)
    ½ Teelöffel Salz
    300 Gramm Mandelmasse
    15 Gramm Mandelstreusel (für die Garnierung)

    1. Wärmen Sie den Heisluftofen vor auf 175 Grad.
    2. Vermischen Sie das Backpulver mit dem Zucker. Fügen Sie die Spekulatiuskräuter und das Salz hinzu.
    3. Die Margarine in Stücke schneiden und fügen Sie mit 1 Ei hinzu. Vermisch es mit einer Gabel oder einem Mixer, danach manuell zu ein zusammenhängender Teig kneten.
    4. Teilen Sie den Teig in 2 gleiche Kugeln; beide ausrollen zu einem Stück von 1 Zentimeter dick (insgesamt 2 Stücken).
    5. Legen Sie einen Stück auf der Bratplatte. Teilen Sie die Mandelmasse hierüber und legen Sie danach das zweite Stück hier obenauf. Schmücken Sie die Torte mit dem Mandelstreusel und bestreich es mit Ei.
    6. Die Spekulatiustorte im Ofen in ungefähr 30 – 40 Minuten backen.

    Tarte du spéculos rempli
    200 grammes de poudre de levain
    100 grammes de sucre bâtard (brun)
    120 grammes de margarine
    1,5 cuiller des épicer du spéculos
    1 œuf + ½ œuf en remuant (pour enduire la tarte)
    ½ petite cuiller du sel
    300 grammes de pâté d’amandes
    15 grammes des rognures d’amandes

    1. Préchauffez le four à chaleur pulsée à 175 degrés.
    2. Mélangez la poudre de levain avec le sucre. Ajoutez les épicer du spéculos et le sel.
    3. Coupez la margarine en morceaux et ajoutez avec un œuf. Combinez avec une fourchette ou un batteur, après travaillez à la main jusqu’à une pâte cohérent.
    4. Partagez la pâte en deux ; déroulez le deux jusqu’à un morceau du 1 centimètre gros (au total 2 morceaux).
    5. Mets un morceau sur le plaque à frire. Partagez la pâté d’amandes ci-dessus et après mets le morceau deuxième au-dessus. Décorez la tarte avec les rognures d’amandes et enduirez avec d’œuf.
    6. Cuirez la tarte du spéculos rempli au four environ 30-40 minutes.

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